Before I groom your dog, I'll ask you to complete and sign our Terms & Conditions, together with the grooming form and matted release form.  This is so that everything is clear, you know what to expect and understand our policies with regard to parasites (i.e. fleas) and matted dogs.  In addition, the grooming record means that we can keep track of your dog's grooms and know what you like and don't like in terms of your dog's haircut.

Please read through our policies regarding aggressive dogs, nervous dogs, parasites and matted dogs using the buttons below.

​​For prices, look here - note that we also offer a loyalty programme for clients who book 6 weekly grooming appointments or book according to an agreed schedule.



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I will not force a dog to be put through a process which stresses them excessively or causes pain and discomfort - not only will this result in distress for the dog but it may also cause them to become more and more difficult to groom.  Taking time to build a dog's confidence will pay dividends in the long run.  

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